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Character Name : Mariposa Olvera

Age :23

Sex : Female

Occupation : Collage Student

Specialties : Chalk artist. She's loves to take any old sidewalk chalk (hardly ever anything fancy) and draws murals where ever she can. Only a small number of other students realize she's the one that does the murals all over campus.

Strengths : Has a cool head most of the time. Doesn't bend to the will of other people.

Weaknesses : Sporadic about being rash in her decisions. She has a weak spot for 'puppy eyes' and can never resist them.

Likes : Pie; she adores any type of pie no matter the falvour. Chalk drawing. Shcool. People/psychology.

Dislikes : Doesn't deal well with people bothering her/talking to her while she's working on a project. Big on family, so she hates it when people mess with anyone she considers to be family.Science. She's never been a fan of it.

Quirks : Sticks her tongue out while she's working. She rarely notices it though unless it's pointed out to her.

She has a habit of slipping Spanish words into her speech (this is only with people she's comfortable with typically. Or when she's rather excited)

Personality : Has a mischievous glint to her, but it isn't always obvious nor does it occur often. She's a fairly calm person. Quiet with most people. Rather likes her alone time.
She can appear distant to those that don't know her. But really she's a warm person and is big on family. Head strong and stubborn. Finds it easy to laugh (in the right situation, of course). She's decently confident with her skills and who she is as a person. Though she has her insecurities, just like everyone.

History : Her Mother is half Mexican, have white American. Dad (who is Spanish) left when she was maybe a year old. She has one memory of him: Him pushing her on a swing set and her giggling.
Financially her mother had her didn't have it easy, but it wasn't too rough either. She feels very little bitterness towards her dad. She grew up without anything truly traumatic; only the oddness of not having her dad with her.
She was never really the 'social butterfly' in high school, but became more so in collage. She now has a rather large (by her standards) group of friends.

Extra Notes : Mari is a common nickname of hers.

She's skeptical [[could be a strength or weakness so'll just put it here]].

Fascinated by love, but finds it a bit difficult actually find it.

Every now and again someone will commission her to do a mural and she does it for extra money.
This is my entry for for :iconmiisu:'s Pitch an Idea contest.
Hope you like it
In case any of you are curious; Mariposa is a Spanish name that means 'butterfly' and Olvera is just a common enough Spanish/Mexican last name. And typically they both have two last names but I decided it would be easier to understand if I didn't include Mariposa's [[It's Nova though]]
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February 3, 2012
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